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Image displaying Senja Wool Terry - mitt

Senja Wool Terry - mitt

1 200 NOK 35711-710

Color Cork

A warm, comfortable mitten for cold winter days, sewn entirely in cowhide tanned without the use of chrome. A removable wool liner keeps fingers warm and can easily be removed to wash or dry. Classic style and sustainable materials mean the mitten works well for daily use and out in the great outdoors.
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Removable lining


Chrome free

Classic mitten 
in chrome-free leather...

Natural materials take pride of place in the Senja Wool Terry Mitt. The mitten combines chrome-free cowhide in the outer glove with a comfortable, warming wool liner; a practical combination that protects from wind and weather while the wool stays warm even if it happens to get damp. The liner is removable for easy washing and drying and has wool terry on the palm while the backhand is in an airy wool fleece. The outer glove is pre-bent and the leather provides good grip around poles and outdoor equipment. A beautiful, timeless mitten for outdoor activities and day-to-day use in the depths of winter.



The Outdoor collection encompasses a rigorously tested gloves for hiking, camping, nordic skating and other outdoor adventures. These gloves are crafted from our best materials and can withstand the elements during any outdoor journey.

Product origin

Shanghai, China

Hestra Pinghu Huashen Partner since: 1981

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Outdoor | Hiking | Everyday winter | Fashion




Everyday winter

Everyday winter




Elastic at wrist | Removable lining

Attached Lining

Wool pile | Merino wool terry
Wool pile

75% Wool, 25% Polyester pile, soft and comfortable. Holds air and keep the hands warm.

Merino wool terry

A knitted material which curly fibers and terry loops together can bind a large amount of air. 100% Merino wool.

Outer material

Chrome-free Impregnated cowhide

Impregnated cowhide, chrome-free tanned.

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