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Morgan 2002400-710
1 100 NOK

Color Cork

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A classic driving glove with a retro-inspired design featuring an open back and a press stud at the wrist. Made of supple Italian lambskin nappa leather with a close fit. A stylish fashion accessory for the warmer months, and equally suited to a dressy or more relaxed look.





Classic leather 
driving glove...

Thin glove in exclusive Italian lambskin nappa leather with a beautiful sheen. A classic so-called “driving glove” with a 1960s-inspired look. Top-quality materials and craftsmanship, with half-piqué seams around the fingers and punched holes over the knuckles. Close-fitting, with a press stud for a snug fit around the wrist. With an open back and perforated fingers, it is perfect for spring and summer. Even if you can’t run to an open-top sports car, you can still enjoy an air of sporty elegance.



Collection is a range of dress gloves focused on carefully sourced leathers, excellent quality, and precise finishes. These seasonally-focused gloves can be pared down or or dressed up to complement a wide variety of outfits and style choices.


Half piqué | Snap button at cuff
Half piqué

Half piqué means that the leathers are overlapped on backhand and sewn with a one millimeter seam allowance.

Outer material

Hairsheep leather

A thin, soft leather from hair sheep with a nice luster. The finest hairsheep leather comes from the high land of Ethiopia and is tanned and dyed in Naples.

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